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Welcome to Max Gatt Design. View some of my most recent work below.

Recent Work.

Logo's I have created for various clients

Mya Sushi

Logo I created for the Japanese restaurant Mya Sushi in Gatineau, Quebec. Client wanted non traditional cartoon style logo.



Le Bateau

Logo I created for Le Bateau a restaurant in Gatineau on the Aylmer Marina



Heaven Plants

The logo I created for the marijuana company and farms 'Heaven Plants' located in Ottawa

R.K Photo Pro

This is the logo I created for a local photographer in Ottawa.

Arma Sense

This is a logo I created for a local business called ArmaSense using the companies colours.

Alternate Logo for 
Unearth Education

I built an alternate logo for Unearth Education since their original logo was a difficult shape to use for various branding projects.



Motion Graphic Video

Please click the image to the left to view the video

Motion graphic video I created to promote a clothing company Lorem Ipsum Co. 

My Skills

I am an Interactive Media Designer that specialises in Graphic Design, my skills include;

Graphic Design

My specialization is in Graphic Design, where I have extensive work experience creating logo's for various business', info graphics , banners for web and social media, social media templates, highlights, etc. 

UX Design

I have work experience in optimizing the user experience design of many websites, along with the accessibility, and the search engine optimization. 

Web Design

I have extensive experience designing web content through the use of graphic design, user experience design, and web writing such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Motion Graphics / Video Editing

I have experience creating motion graphic content through the use of Adobe After Effects and video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

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