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Design Work

Logo Design

Logo's I have created for various clients

Mya Sushi

Logo I created for the Japanese restaurant Mya Sushi in Gatineau, Quebec. Client wanted non traditional cartoon style logo.

Le Bateau

Logo I created for Le Bateau a restaurant in Gatineau, Quebec on the Aylmer Marina

R.K Photo Pro

This is the logo I created for a local photographer in Ottawa.

Arma Sense

This is a logo I created for a local business called ArmaSense using the companies colours.


Logo I built for a granite and rock distributor company Rockstone

Heaven Plants

The logo I created for the marijuana company and farms 'Heaven Plants' located in Ottawa

Alternate Logo for 
Unearth Education

I built an alternate logo for Unearth Education since their original logo was a difficult shape to use for various branding projects.



Max Gatt Design

This is the logo I created for my own brand to represent me and my design style 

Website Design

Please click the image to the left to view the website

UX/UI website design I did for client Mya Sushi

Mya Sushi Door Sign 1                                                                 

Social Media Templates

Click images below to view my social media template gallery of recent work

Instagram Story Templates

Click images below to view my social media template gallery of Instagram stories

Campaign Literature for Fritz Okrah

Click images below to view my campaign literature gallery for Fritz Okrah's Liberal campaign 

Ottawa Now logo for a hypothetical local news site

Instagram Highlights

Click images below to view my Instagram highlights gallery

App Redesign

 App redesign for the OCTranspo 'Bus Buddy' app to make it more visually appealing, accessible, and user friendly.

Mya Sushi Door Sign 2                                                                 

Photo Editing Work

Slide templates I built for Deevey Strategic Communications for their power point presentations. 

Photo Editing Work

Click below to view the banner and thumbnail I created for Silver 7 Martial Arts YouTube channel 

O'Connor Law 

Social Media banner I created for a local Property Lawyer. The concept combines the properties that represent her clientele and the colour scheme of her favorite football team (Miami Dolphins).

ESDC Chart

This is a pyramid chart I created for the ESDC branch, I decided to crate a literal pyramid using the branches colours to physically separate the information and make it more visually appealing since this chart is used in many branch meetings. 

IBP Graphic ESDC 

Additional Work 

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